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About Us

M4B Pro Professional Makeup is a subsidiary of Makeup 4 Brides (Australia) Pty Ltd and is wholly Australian owned and operated.

The M4B Pro Professional Makeup range was originally established for use through the Makeup 4 Brides franchise system where consistency of high grade product was required.  It wasn’t long before brides and other clients who had experienced the products first hand were enquiring about obtaining the products for their personal use.  They had worn the makeup and so knew the products were of the highest quality and had the longevity that they desired in a cosmetic range but also that they felt good on their skin and didn’t react to any allergies or skin problems they had.  Because of this the M4B Pro online store was created to allow the general public access to purchasing this fantastic range.

M4B Pro Professional Makeup cosmetic products are manufactured in the United States, Canada and Germany from only the highest quality ingredients using the latest manufacturing techniques and under strict quality guidelines. It took almost 4 years of testing products from specialised cosmetic manufacturers around the world before the M4B Pro cosmetic line was finalised.  This testing included using it in field, testing it for allergic reactions on sensitive skin as well as checking it to ensure it was of the highest photographic quality and would photograph beautifully as well as look great up close in person. 

It was a similar case for the M4B Pro brush range – after sampling many, many different brushes it soon became very apparent that not all makeup brushes were created equal…not by a long shot.  A good quality makeup brush should not only suit the application it is designed for, but it must also feel good in the hand – be correctly weighted and comfortable to use.  The brushes need to be made from a variety of different fibres, whether that be animal hair or synthetic hair depending on the application and product it is used on, and need to be of varying strengths and softness.  Super soft goat hair is often used for its amazing blending ability with powders, however synthetic fibres are more often used for the application of more liquid products such as foundations, primers, mattifiers, etc., as they tend to not absorb as much of the product into the brush itself.  Other stiffer fibres such as horse tail hair are used in a brush requiring firm, less flexible bristles for such tasks as outer eyelining, etc.  It is for this reason that often specific brushes are recommended for specific purposes. The right brushes can make a world of difference to any makeup application. The full M4B Pro Professional brush set offers the full range of brushes that the professional makeup artist will require, as well as the home user.  A good makeup brush set is an investment that should last many, many years, if not a lifetime!

I am very proud of the M4B Pro Professional Makeup range and hope that you will love it as much as I do. 


Lisa Thomas

M4B Pro Professional Makeup
Makeup 4 Brides / Hair 4 Brides

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