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Professional Makeup Brush Sets

Professional Makeup Brush Sets

24 piece professional makeup brush set manufactured from the highest quality products. Bristles are made from the softest natural animal hair such as sable, goat and horse, as well as manmade fibres.  Specific brushes such as foundation brushes are made from synthetic fibres to ensure less absorption of liquid products into the actual bristles and more transfer of the product onto the face.  Other brushes require the softness of the animal hair to allow a subtle but even spread of product like powders, whereas some of the smaller brushes require a firm bristle for precise application. 

Set consists of the following:

* Soft leatherette brush roll with fastening stud
* 134 large powder brush
* 150 medium powder brush
* 187 stipple brush
* 116 blusher brush
* 184 fan brush
* 168 angled blusher brush
* 191 large chisel brush
* 190 large foundation brush
* 224 blending brush
* 239 short eyeshadow brush
* 217 long eyeshadow brush
* 222 'little fluffy' blending brush
* 252 large eyshadow brush
* 275 angled eyeshadow brush
* 195 flat tapered detail brush
* 210 fine eyeliner brush
* 209 medium eyeliner brush
* 219 bullet head brush
* 212 flat liner brush
* 316 lip brush with lid
* 266 angled brow brush
* 194 small concealer brush
* 231 fine detail brush
* 204 eyelash brush

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Empty Brush Roll
Empty Brush Roll

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Price: $25.00
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Professional Makeup Brush Sets
Professional Makeup Brush Sets

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To protect your brushes: Keep them neatly wrapped in the secure brush roll ensuring all bristles are not bent or folded prior to storing.  Keep your brushes clean and sterile with a good brush cleaner or Isopropyl antiseptic/antibacterial alcohol spray.  Natural fibre brushes can also be thoroughly washed with a mild shampoo and gentle conditioner.  Avoid cleaning stiffer line defining brushes, such as the wedge eyeliner brush, as these are designed to be firm and should not be softened. 

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